water line break

Shreveport Water Department Crews make their way into the woods to repair a broken water line.

SHREVEPORT, La. -- A rude awakening for the city's water department also meant a rough morning for people in some downtown buildings.

They had low or no water pressure and stuffy rooms on a hot morning. That's after a break around 3 a.m. in a 20-inch water line that feeds the downtown area.

Workers traced the break to a wooded area near Twelve Mile Bayou, where water was pooling near a salvage yard at the end of McNeil Street.

The Hilton Hotel and Convention Center lost all water service, as well as the ability to pump water into its air conditioning system.

Hotel General Manager Marianne Nelson said water service was restored by midday and guests were happy again.

Shreveport's new Water & Sewerage Director, William Daniel, said it was the same old story here -- an old pipe breaking.

"It's not any different than any place else. All of the infrastructure all over the country is failing. These pipes, especially in the area that failed, have been there for quite some time. So it's normal for them to be experiencing these kind of problems," Daniel said.

As for the future of the city's underground infrastructure, Daniel said, "We are looking at the pipes that are considered most vulnerable and we're coming up with a strategy to make sure that we limit the number of failures that we have."

Daniel expected water service to be fully restored by Tuesday evening.


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