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BOSSIER CITY, La. - Kaalas Roots is used to people cheering him on but it's usually when he's on the court making plays and scoring buckets.

But Saturday was different. Back in March, he suffered a brain injury after a head on collision that could have been deadly.

"I thank God for everybody here," Kaalas said. "My mom, my dad, my brother, my girl, everybody."

After a couple months of therapy, he was able to walk across the stage in a his cap and gown to receive his high school diploma.

"It felt good to get around there," said Kaalas. "It really did."

His dad, Reginald says this was a big moment for the entire family.

"It's amazing to see him get the opportunity to walk," Reginald said. "He's been a kid that missed out on his junior, senior prom, all the dances because of traveling with basketball and different things. And then for him to almost end up missing his graduation, it's just a God-seeing that we're here today. I'm the most proud father on this planet. I guarantee you."

After the accident, he was in ICU in Shreveport. Then eventually taken to a New Orleans hospital, where he had to re-learn basic skills.

"He couldn't walk, talk, eat, anything," said Reginald. "He was an infant again is what he was."

"Hard," Kaalas explaining his experience through therapy. "Just training to get together and doing everything I can."

Reginald says this will only make him stronger and prepare him for next to come.

"He's going to make it," Reginald said. "So, I knew the drive was there then. He only sees the endgame and he's willing to do whatever it takes to get to that endgame."

"I'm going to get better," Kaalas said. "I am. I know I am."

Bossier High School has set up an account. For those who wish to help the Roots family with his medical expenses, click here.


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