bossier animal shelter letter

A former Bossier City Animal Control volunteer, who quit Friday, says the shelter is using intracardiac heart sticks to euthanize animals inhumanely.

Under Louisiana law, it is legal to euthanize animals use heart sticks, only if the animal is sedated and entirely unconscious and numb to pain.

"There was no evidence that someone conducting euthanasia, putting animals down, there was no evidence that someone doing that was not trained," said Mark Natalie, spokesman for Bossier City.

Brandy Cornell quit working at the shelter Friday after she said she witnessed dogs and cats euthanized with the heart sticks by untrained technicians.

"I could hear them screaming," Cornell said about the cats when they were being euthanized.

Technicians are required by law to train in Baton Rouge once a year.

Cornell provided KTBS with a letter, which you can see in the video above. In that letter Dale Keeler, who oversaw Cornell at the shelter, said that all heart stick practices would "cease" as of May 8 "until a technician is trained in chemical sedation."

"Why would he tell them they would cease euthanasia until they got a sedation class? Why would he even say that if someone was already certified to do it. That doesn't make any sense whatsoever," Cornell said.



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