Molly Burt chickens

Molly Burt and her daughter Gabby feed their hens.

BOSSIER CITY, La -- The city council here chickened out on a proposal to ease its ban on raising poultry.

The city council unanimously rejected a plan to allow residents to keep up to six hens per acre. Even Council President Don Williams voted against his own plan, saying he only brought it forward because a resident in his district asked for it.

Molly Burt says she had to move her hens when she found out the city bans all chickens inside city limits. She spoke in support of easing the ban at Tuesday's meeting.

She also told KTBS that people's concerns about chickens in their neighborhoods are "ridiculous."

"They're less messy and less smelly and less noisy than dogs. They don't produce as much waste as dogs or cats. They're not as destructive as dogs or cats," Burt said.

The ordinance would've only allowed hens -- not roosters. Hens and their eggs could not be sold. They'd have to have their wings clipped, be fenced in, and have a coop.

Burt says her family enjoys the fresh eggs they get from their hens.

"I think it's really important for us to be able to raise our own chickens. Actually, the the eggs that they produce are so much more nutritious for us. We have a healthy breakfast each day," Burt said.

She also says her hens are her pets.


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