BOSSIER CITY, La. - A new school year is just beginning, but it's what will happen next year that's concerning some parents in Bossier parish.

The district is proposing redrawing the lines for elementary, middle and high school zones.

It's because of an ongoing legal case that Bossier Parish Schools has been a part of for years. It's a desegregation case handled by the federal court in Shreveport.

The court ordered all school zones in Bossier Parish to be looked at again.

And by March 1, the school board and the U.S. Department of Justice had to submit a revised version of the school zone map. That deadline was delayed to September 16 and October 16.

School board attorney Bob Hammonds says the purpose is to:

1. Maximize racial diversity,

2. Minimize the use of temporary buildings,

3. Reduce student transportation times and distances,

4. Eliminate split school zones, and

5. Anticipate future demographic changes in determining student capacities within the schools.

On Thursday, the school board may be making a decision to implement this plan, but not without the public's input.

This isn't sitting well with most parents KTBS talked to. Some parents are considering moving if they have to.

While Parkway and Haughton high schools will remain the same, Airline and Bossier high schools will be affected.

Some elementary schools would be adjusted too. One parent says her 3rd grade-daughter, who goes to Kingston Elementary, would, next year, have to go to Benton Elementary.

She says she wishes parents had a hand in the decision process.

"Have all of the parents, more or less, vote on it themselves because how many parents are going to end up being upset about this that they didn't have any say in where their kids go and what happens with them," said Desteni Manyard.

Parents say it's an inconvenience because they say it's the third zone change in five years and they want their children to stay at the school they believe is better for them. They also want them to keep same friends they've had up until this point.

Another parent says her daughter will be in high school next year and is zoned for Airline, but now would have to go to Bossier. She says her 12-year old daughter should not have to worry about where she will be going to school next year.

"She wants to be with her friends," said Amber Washington. "She also wants to be able to have the advanced classes and the option of college prep classes and so on. She's 12 and already worried about 'Mom how am I going to get to college.'"

If approved, the plan takes affect the 2020-21 school year.

To see if your child's school was affected, click here.


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