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HAUGHTON, La. - Barry Budwah is without a home after a tree fell less than a yard from where he was lying in bed.

"I heard all the hail and the limbs and stuff hitting so I set up in the bed and next thing I know, a tree just came across and took everything out there," Buddwah said. "We was blessed. That's all I can say."

Unfortunately, some lives were not spared. An elderly couple right around the corner from from Budwah on Davis Road lost their lives during the storm.

Bossier Parish Public Information Officer Lt. Bill Davis says their home is completely gone.

"The foundation of the brick are there, but the home is not,” said Davis. “It's totally rolled over. It looked like a couple hundred feet into the back yard. Debris is all over. It's just a sad situation."

He says their neighbor was injured and taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay.

Willie Davis owns a barn right down from the elderly couple. He says this isn't the first time he's seen storms like this.

"Four or five times that I've known that [storms] have been through they hit, tearing down trees and the barn and stuff like that,” Willie Davis said. “But that's about all it normally does every time, but this is the first time we've had any casualties.”

Bill Davis says right now, their goal is everyone is accounted for and safe.

"That's the biggest thing right now, preservation of life,” Bill Davis said. “If anybody has any concern, maybe their elderly neighbors, please give us a call to go check on them."


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