Oakland Cemetery

SHREVEPORT, La. - For more then 150 years Shreveport's Oakland Cemetery has been the final resting place of some of the city's most notorious residents, founders, and even those that lost their battle with yellow fever in the early 1900s. But now some are asking why more isn't being done to keep it in better shape.

KTBS looked into it the matter and found there were a handful of places around the cemetery that weren't recently mowed and a few head stones that over time has broken apart. 

The city owns the cemetery and it's up to the city to keep the grass cut. But it's a much different story when it comes to head stones. It's the responsibility of the families of the deceased who own the plots to make repairs.

"Some of these families have died out or have moved away and some of the descendants don't even know where their folks are. I get calls throughout the year from somebody saying, hey I've got somebody out in Oakland can you tell me where they are? We'll take them out and we'll show them," said Gary Joiner, local historian. 

Joiner added that even the Shreveport Medical Society's founder is buried there. Years ago, they paid to have his burial slab repaired.


If you have any questions about Oakland Cemetery or some of the history behind it, you can check out by going to www.oaklandcemeteryla.org.


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