Shreveport Sports Complex

Millions of dollars in revenue, hundreds of jobs, and a safe friendly place to take the whole family, that's the hope for a new sports and recreation area announced Tuesday at Shreveport City Council.

With expectations high and a price tag even higher, some are saying the city should focus on other ways to improve.

With a vote of 5-2, Shreveport City Council gave the green light on a major proposal to not only construct what city officials hope will be the future of an NBA G-League team, but also a shopping and recreation for everyone in the Shreveport area.

The arena where the D-League team would play would consist of more than three-thousand seats, and over 68,000 square feet.

City officials, like Mayor Ollie Tyler hope the proposal will push Shreveport into the top spot for the New Orleans Pelicans G-league team.

"If we can get everyone on the same team and get this done, it's going to be game changer," said Mayor Tyler.

According to the proposal the City of Shreveport would be responsible for up to $30 million they've already acquired in bonds, while $100 million would come from private investors and Corporate Realty Group of Birmingham, Alabama, but not everyone was on board with the idea.

"We don't need another sports team here and here's why. We've had sports teams here and they don't last. what the money needs to be concentrated on is making something more effective for our city. We had the chance to have a shining shopping center right down here in the exact same location and if you look its across the river, not here," said Shreveport resident Jack McCune.

McCune's not alone. Two councilman also opposed the measure.

"No one can tell me this arena or this venue can be supported like that," said Councilman Lyndon Johnson. He went on to say," before we spend public dollars on this venue, we have to be sure."

Shreveport and Pensacola, Florida are the remaining cities vying for the Pelicans G-League Team.

Shreveport city officials hope to be tipping off in the new arena in November 2019.

The issue is expected to be addressed in two weeks.

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