Text scam

SHREVEPORT, La. - Scammers are now taking a new approach to get your money, posing as a pastor or someone you know to get your money. 

Andy Fisher with the Better Business Bureau says it is best to ignore it. 

"When they first started out, telemarketers would call you on the telephone and then they went to email trying to get information from you and mainly what they're trying to do is steal your identity," said Fisher.

They would call, send fraudulent emails, and they would text you. 

"Whether it's telemarketing on the telephone or email or a text message or however they try to contact you, if you don't know who it is, do not respond to it," Fisher said.

However, Fisher says there are some incidents where the scammer may pose as someone you may know.

For example, one person got a message from someone pretending to be Father Price from Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Shreveport. KTBS learned that this was not Father Price and the church did not have fundraiser related to this.

Fisher adds, "They use a pastor's name or church name or something that you would be familiar with and you'd be interested in. We've seen where one of the church members gave as much as 10-thousand dollars to the church."

Fisher says if this happens, do your research to find out the truth and "Don't do business with somebody you don't know."

For more information on what to do if you receive a text that may be a scam, click here.


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