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The Caddo Parish grand jury said no criminal charges should be filed against a Shreveport businessman who fatally shot one of three teenagers he caught breaking into his car last fall. One of the three had a gun, police said.

Louisiana law allows residents to use force to protect themselves or their property. The amount of force must be "reasonable and necessary."

The grand jury did not elaborate on its decision not to indict businessman Marcus Jackson.

Jackson's attorney, Shante Wells, said his client was justified in his actions.

"What he did was what I would have done, or you would have done, or anyone who wanted to protect his life would have done. Thanks goodness he was ready, able and prepared to defend himself," Wells said. "It was obviously what the grand jury saw."

Wells said Jackson has nonetheless been shaken by what happened.

"Although Mr. Jackson was defending his life in that situation, it was very hard on him," Wells said. "No one wins in a situation like this."

The grand jury did not address the actions of Shreveport Police Chief Alan Crump, who had fired at one of the teens as he tried to evade police after the shooting. Crump's shot missed.

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The District Attorney's office earlier concluded Crump did not commit a crime. They said it was up to city officials to determine whether Crump violated Police Department policies by shooting at someone running from him. Mayor Ollie Tyler, who put Crump on leave after the incident, cleared him to return to work after the D.A.'s decision.

The killing of the car burglar last October occurred after three people broke into a vehicle outside a Hollywood Avenue business. Jackson confronted the three and opened fire, hitting Tacorey Banks of Shreveport in the head, police said.

Jackson told detectives he believed one of the teens was trying to shoot him and he fired in self defense, court records show. The teen who had a gun, Xavier Thomas, 17, of Parker Street, told police after his arrest that Jackson fired first, according to court records.

Thomas and another teen, Darrien Miles, 18, of Fulton Street, fled -- setting in motion a series of events that included Crump shooting at Miles.

In an interview with detectives about why he fired, Crump said he perceived the suspect as a threat. He had heard shots being fired seconds earlier, although it turned out those were fired by another police officer chasing Miles.

"I yelled to him to stop, and as I yelled to him to stop I had my weapon drawn and he slows and turns back... not fully toward me... but he slows and kind of looks back," Crump said. "And as he slows and begins to make that turn, I fired."

Video of the incident, from a camera in one of the police cars in the area, does not show Miles turning. It turned out Miles did not have a gun.

Miles has pleaded guilty to burglarizing the car and is awaiting sentencing. The case against Thomas is pending.


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