Monique Metoyer

In this freeze frame of dashcam video, two SPD officers walk Caddo Parish Assistant District Attorney Monique Metoyer to the front of a patrol car.

SHREVEPORT, La. -- An assistant in the Caddo Parish District Attorney's office will not be prosecuted after her arrest for driving while intoxicated. An outside prosecutor says there wasn't enough evidence to support a conviction against Monique Metoyer.

The Caddo D.A.'s Office recused itself for conflict of interest, and sent the case to Bossier Parish.

Just before midnight on August 21, a Shreveport police officer pulled Metoyer over for driving with no tail lights. In her report obtained by KTBS 3 News, SPD Officer Vanessa Gray described Metoyer as "lethargic," and "fumbling through documents" to find her registration and proof of insurance.

A backup officer agreed with Gray that Metoyer appeared to be under the influence. So she was asked to get out of her car for questioning.

SPD dashcam video shows Officer Gray asking Metoyer if she had any alcohol to drink that night.

After a pause, Metoyer nods her head, but then says, "No mam."

Officer Gray then asks, "Is there any reason why you're stumbling?"

"Just some medication I've had," Metoyer replied, bending over to pick up something she dropped.

Asked what kind of medication, Metoyer replied, "I took some Xanax, some Aleve and some other medication I just took for an injury."

Metoyer said she wasn't sure when she took those medications.

After being driven to the police station, Metoyer refused an intoxilyzer and any other testing, saying she was an attorney with the Caddo D.A.'s office. Metoyer then rolled up a pant left to show the officer a bruised knee, which is why she said she took the pain medication.

In a sworn affidavit, a friend and colleague in the DA's office, Jerry Deason, said Metoyer did drink half a glass of wine and fell asleep at about 9 p.m. Then she left his apartment around midnight. He said Metoyer "was not intoxicated," and "showed no signs of being inebrieated."

The Bossier D.A.'s office said it found ten areas of concern about prosecuting the case. Among them, they said Metoyer showed no trouble maintaining control of her car; she walked steadily to the patrol car; her speech was not slurred; there's no evidence that she was impaired by medication; and no field sobriety test was done.

In conclusion, two assistant Bossier prosecutors wrote, "While the officers may have had probably cause to arrest Ms. Metoyer for DWI ... there is not sufficient evidence to support a finding that Ms. Metoyer committed the offense of DWI beyond a reasonable doubt that would be upheld on appeal."

Metoyer is a career prosecutor. She's the homicide screening chief in the Caddo D.A.'s office. She declined comment for this story.


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