Line Ave. - Gas Line

SHREVEPORT, La. - The smell of natural gas rose quickly into the air on Line Ave. in Shreveport on Friday.

According to Eric Barkley, District Director of CenterPoint Energy, the company received a call in its dispatch center about a two-inch main cut at Line Ave. around noon. 

A private contractor was doing some work along Line Ave. and the contractor cut one of the city's gas mains. 

Crews from CenterPoint Energy are currently at the intersection of Dalzell St. and Boulevard St. working to make sure this situation is corrected. 

For safety purposes, the Shreveport Fire Department has closed off Line Ave. for a few blocks until the gas is secured. 

According to Eric Barkley of CenterPoint Energy, he anticipates the gas turning off shortly, but it will take a little more time to make the repairs. 

CenterPoint Energy is unable to predict the time when the gas will turn back on, and when cars will be able to ride through Line Ave. near Dalzell St. and Boulevard St. 

Residents walking on sidewalks were concerned about whether or not if businesses nearby were still open. Businesses along the street remained open. 


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