SHREVEPORT, La - Shreveport saw its first measurable snowfall in more than 3 years Sunday, closing down roads, schools and offices. While many people sheltered from the snow, a few local residents took to the novelty of the snowfall and wasted no time enjoying it – the more than 300 chimpanzees that call Chimp Haven, the world’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary, home.

Rather than staying in their indoor, heated bedrooms, many of the chimpanzees eagerly investigated and delighted in the snowfall that covered the trees and blanketed the landscape of their richly forested habitats.

For some this was the first time they have seen, felt, or tasted snow since arriving at the sanctuary after being retired from medical research facilities.

The retirees at Chimp Haven receive daily enrichment to keep them mentally and physically stimulated, and the rare snowfall was an unexpected and engaging treat for the chimps.


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