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MARSHALL, TEXAS -The city of Marshall is mobilizing and moving forward.

On Saturday, the city manager and the commission met with members of the community for a strategic planning meeting. They talked about things like infrastructure, bringing in more attractions, and just general ideas that will help Marshall grow.

It was a town hall-like meeting where community members would come up and voice their concerns in the city.

We talked to a school teacher who says she was there to talk about bringing in more activities for the youth.

"We have to have some places for our young people to go," said Sheila Henderson, an elementary school teacher. "The only thing that they have right now, they have the movies. They have the ball fields, but basically you have to take your children to either Longview, Tyler, or Shreveport to go to places like UrbanAir, fun things for them to do."

The commission also heard matters like drainage issues, downtown development and economic development. The mayor of Marshall says this was a way to be more transparent with the citizens about what's ahead. The commission took notes on some of the ideas to implement in the city's strategic plan, which is what the mayor credits the new city manager for. They're going to take a look at the action items requested and city department heads will be responsible for finishing those assignments. The mayor says this is the first time the city has done something like this in ten years.

"What have we done this year?" Mayor Larry Hurta explained. "Where are we going this year? Did we meet these goals? So, today, we should have a five year map, a two year map, and a ten year map of where we're going to be."

Mayor Hurta says right now, the city has the financing vehicle to potentially borrow up $5 million dollars to implement the plan and they will pay it back throughout a 10 to 15 year span with the city's budget.

Hurta also says the city will have their entire plan developed some time in June.

If you missed this meeting, you still go any city commissioner meeting to voice your concerns.


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