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SHREVEPORT, La. – Shreveport City Councilwoman Levette Fuller wants to take a break from expanding the city’s boundaries.

Fuller has proposed an ordinance encouraging the Metropolitan Planning Commission to stop accepting annexations applications for a year. The reason: she wants city leaders to look at the costs associated with providing and maintaining infrastructure such as water, sewer, streets, trash pickup and police and fire protection.

The only exception, according to her proposed resolution, would be for applications in areas already surrounded by the city or those attached on at least three sides.

The resolution will be considered at Tuesday’s council meeting.

At the work session Monday, Councilman Grayson Boucher said he’s opposed to the idea as presented because he believes those developments with expansion plans in the works would be hurt by the proposal. He used Lakeside in southeast Shreveport as an example.

“If there is an existing neighborhood and that developer starts another phase and wants to be in the city, you’re just not accomplishing what you want to do,” Boucher said to Fuller, asking if the resolution could include existing neighborhoods that plan expansions.

Boucher added that he’s not for any new annexation that’s not part of a new development. But developers who just want to extend water and sewer for their planned additions should not be penalized, he said.

“I’m concerned developers who want to expand won’t be able to,” Boucher said.

“But where does it stop?” asked Fuller.

Continuing to add “pieces,” would mean there is no end. Infrastructure is being spread too thin, she said.

MPC Chairman Alan Clarke was asked to address the issue and he said it’s his understanding the intent is for the MPC to study whether it’s advantageous for the city to continue annexations.

“We’re very much up for the job because we have ideas on both sides of the issue,” Clarke said, adding it will be beneficial to include information from national and internal research.


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