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SHREVEPORT La. - Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer. For many that means a road trip.

Law enforcement across the ArkLaTex are on the lookout for people not wearing seat belts. It's part of the annual "Click It or Ticket" push to encourage drivers to buckle up before hitting the road.

"It may not be the thing you want to do, but it will help save you from a serious injury or your death,” said Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator.

Without a seatbelt, the risk of ejection is much higher.

"There's not much we can do about saving your life if you've been thrown through the windshield. At best, we can help you live, but you're going to have all sorts of scaring and pain and years of recovery. It's just an awful thing," Prator said. 

Prator said the goal is to "save people's lives and keep them from getting hurt."

This push is paid for by the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission grant. It allows police officers and deputies to be paid overtime and not be taken away from their regular hours, allowing their focus to be on seat belts.

"If you just take your time, take a deep breath. Think about the safe way of doing things, then we won't have any accidents and that's what we strive for," said Prator.

Shreveport police also are participating in the "Click it or Ticket" campaign. Tuesday, SPD issued 15 citations to violators. 

“Click it or Ticket” will run until June 4.


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