SFD near miss

This freeze frame shows a Shreveport Fire truck making a sharp turn to avoid a pickup that did not  yield the right of way. The fire truck followed an ambulance en route on a call with their emergency lights flashing.

We had a camera rolling when a Shreveport fire truck had a close call with a pickup. One fire official isn't so sure it was by accident.

It happened outside Fire Station 15 on West 70th near Jewella on Tuesday. After an ambulance left the bay with its emergency lights on and pulled onto 70th, our video shows the fire truck following right behind it. The truck also had its lights on. Neither had yet hit their sirens.

Still, a pickup driver coming up on the outside lane either did not see the fire truck -- or if he did -- he didn't bother to pull over to the right -- like you're supposed to. The fire truck driver is seen whipping the rig into the oncoming lane of traffic to avoid a collision.

Then further down the road, after the fire truck has passed the pickup and pulled into the outside lane eastbound, the pickup gets into the oncoming lane like he's going to pass the fire truck on the left.

We showed the video to S.F.D. Assistant to the Chief Fred Sanders. He says firefighters encounter near misses daily.But Sanders says this may have been something more.

"We do encounter road rage, for whatever reason. I don't don't know why anyone would want to have road rage with a 60-thousand pound vehicle. But we do encounter that," Sanders says.

He adds that if you have a wreck with a fire truck, you'll lose. And Sanders warns that a fire truck driver may report your dangerous driving to police.

It is the law to pull to the right and give emergency responders the right of way.


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