SHREVEPORT, La. - It can be tough finding a job anytime but especially after graduating high school or college. 

Recent graduates face a challenging job market during the pandemic with limited opportunities.

Some high school graduates say they jumped right into a job within months after earning a certification in a technical job field. 

The college students, on the other hand, say they're happy to get a job even if it's unrelated to their degree. 

Natalie Bianco, a recent graduate from Louisiana State University Shreveport, landed a job with a local law firm as a graphic designer and media content manager.

"But now, because of the whole pandemic and corona," Bianco said. "There's so much unemployment now within all of the states. So, no matter where you're applying , it's still difficult to even get a response from people."

Even though Bianco's employed right now, she and other college graduates like Elia Nero say the struggle is real. 

"It's crazy. It's crazier than you thought," Nero said. "I thought that I was making myself more marketable by getting my master's degree. When I graduated, I sent out almost 100 applications and didn't get anything."

Both graduates said they have long-term goals but are thankful for their current employment for now. 


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