Shreveport roads

Nearly $34 million in road improvements form a large chunk of the proposed Shreveport bond backage.

A pared down bond package appears headed to voters, pending a vote by the Shreveport City Council on Tuesday.

That's despite the objection of some on the council that the big deal's being rushed through.

The original $220 million dollar plan has been whittled down by $34 million by the council and Mayor Adrian Perkins into three separate propositions.

It's now down to $186 million and breaks down this way: $32 million would go for water projects; $76 million for public safety, including a new police department and fire trucks; and $78 million for streets and drainage.

However, Councilman John Nickelson still wants to delay a council vote until next spring or later. He says they've not had time to thoroughly vet the multitude of projects.

"Before we ask voters to allow us to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars, we need to undertake a comprehensive and rigorous assessment of the city's needs and decide what our most urgent needs are. We haven't done that yet," Nickelson says.

But fellow Republican James Flurry appears to be the swing vote to put the fate of the bonds in the hands of the people.

"We know what these issues are. We don't have to study it to death," Flurry said. "We know the areas that need overlay on them, and the ditches that need cleaned. I can't see why we would continue to study it and delay it."

Flurry says the final amount could be cut some more before the council vote on Tuesday. But it likely won't be enough to satisfy Democrat LeVette Fuller.

"I'd like to see it cut in half. I'd like to see it go just to streets and drainage and to water and sewer if we had to cut it down to really to make it dire needs at this point."

Nickelson admits his move for a delay will likely fail.



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