Southern Loop and Wallace Lake stop sign

Traffic on Wallace Lake Road waits at stop signs for crossing vehicles on Southern Loop.

SHREVEPORT, La. - Some areas get a traffic light and others don't. That has one member of the Shreveport City Council crying foul.

Councilman James Green, who represents District F, which covers much of the west side, said a traffic light is needed at St. Vincent and 84th Street. But it was turned down by the city traffic engineer.

However, a traffic light was approved in a growing and more affluent area of south Shreveport. The Caddo Parish Commission was going to split the cost with the city for a light at Southern Loop at Wallace Lake Road.

Currently, traffic on Wallace Lake waits at stop signs while vehicles whiz by on the loop. Councilman Grayson Boucher helped convince the city of the need for a light. He said there've been deadly accidents at that location.

But Green's plea for a light at the intersection in Cedar Grove was turned down.

Green said of City Traffic Engineer Michael Erlund's remarks during a committee meeting, "He has no heart that there at St. Vincent, it seemed as though low income people live, then they don't deserve it," Green said. "But another area, then he has like a whole slew of points. And that's just where my brain just don't function right."

A resident who lives near the St. Vincent and 84th intersection, Ora Hart, told the council, "I've been here for 20 years. And I don't know if there's a year that has passed that there has not been several accidents at that place."

There was a call from the council members to bring Erlund before the council on Tuesday to answer questions. Mayor Adrian Perkins would have to make that call.

Meantime, Green said he will support the plan for a traffic light on the Southern Loop when the council votes Tuesday whether to approve it.


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