Cross Bayou Point lawsuit land

Developers of Cross Bayou Point hope the city will buy up properties near the Convention Center to donate to their plans.

SHREVEPORT, La. -- The onus is squarely back on the Shreveport City Council over Cross Bayou Point.

The court calendar says Caddo District Judge Craig Marcotte has set a March 2 date to hear a case that could damage some financial underpinnings of developers. That's more than a month after the council is set to make a key vote.

That vote is on a memorandum of understanding with developers. Approval means Mayor Adrian Perkins' administration would formally enter negotiations with developers.

Gateway Development Consortium wants the city to use $2.8 million in unspent bond money to buy real estate on the north end of downtown, and then donate that property to them.

The lawsuit filed by political watchdog John Settle challenges whether the city can use those funds for property not located on the bayou. That money is left over from a 1996 bond issue to develop a park and green space along Cross Bayou that never happened.

The City Council is set to vote on the memorandum on Jan. 28.

Settle says the judge also denied his request for a temporary restraining order against the council resolution ahead the hearing. 


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