red and blue lights

MANSFIELD, La. - The DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office has received numerous tips about a vehicle driven by a man impersonating an officer in the area. 

Deputies are checking out those leads, along with some names, Sheriff Jayson Richardson said Wednesday.

At least one person was stopped in the Keachi area by the man "that we know of, that was reported," Richardson said.

The man did not identify himself nor an affiliated agency. Nothing inappropriate was said or done by the impersonator; however, the traffic stop concerned the driver who felt it was "out of place" and reported it to the sheriff's office, Richardson said.

"He actually asked to look into her vehicle," Richardson said of the phony law enforcement officer. Otherwise, it was conducted like a fairly normal traffic stop, he added.

The man, described as a white male between the ages of 35 and 40, was wearing attire similar to DeSoto deputies but without an agency logo. He had on a duty belt, but it's uncertain if he was armed, Richardson said. 

"There was nothing to identify he was a police officer," Richardson said.

The man was driving an unmarked white Chevy Tahoe that has red and blue visor lights. It also has a spotlight on the driver's side. 

"The lights are different from anyone here," Richardson said. "There's no law enforcement in DeSoto that uses red and blue lights, including state police or anyone else." 

Anyone with additional information is asked to call the sheriff's office at (318) 872-3956. 


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