Penick fire

3500 Block of Penick Avenue

Shreveport police are investigating a connection between a couple reported missing late Thursday night and a gruesome discovery in the Queensborough neighborhood less than two hours later.

Family members reported Heather King-Jose and Kelly Jose missing about 10:25 p.m. Thursday. They were last seen at Mall St. Vincent in Shreveport. One person who contacted KTBS said the couple decided to give an unknown man in his thirties a ride from the mall to an unknown location in Shreveport. That family member identified the couple's car as a Kia Forte. The person who contacted KTBS also said money was withdrawn from the bank accounts controlled in part by the couple.

Just before midnight, police and firefighters found a white Kia Forte on fire in the driveway of an abandoned house. It was found in the 3400 block of Penick Avenue in the Queensborough neighborhood. Firefighters found two bodies -- believed to be those of a man and a woman -- inside the burning car.

Law enforcement authorities have not yet identified the people found inside the car, however family members said the car that was discovered is owned by Heather King-Jose.

"You're supposed to be a good Samaritan," said Dorothy Powell who lives nearby. "You're supposed to help people when they're down and out...but then, when a tragedy like this happens, it makes you think: 'Is it worth is?'"

The bodies were discovered at a vacant home at the corner of Pennick and San Jacinto. At least ten homes within a block from that intersection are vacant.

Powell and other neighbors suspect the person responsible for the homicide either lives in the area or at least knows it well.

"He knows there's two empty houses side by side... pull up in there, set it on fire, and walk down the street like nothing happened. He knows about this area."

KTBS spoke to the person who called 9-1-1. She asked to remain anonymous.

She said she heard a loud explosion and thought a transformer blew out. Then she noticed a burning car at the vacant home and called 911 for help.

She told KTBS she also saw a man riding his bike while holding a gas can.

The coroner's office is working to scientifically identify the burnt bodies.

Police are looking into surveillance videos from the mall as part of their investigation.

Family members said King-Jose owned Southern Hospitality Cleaning. Friends said she was also an Uber driver. Her husband Kelly worked on the Air Force base.

(This is a developing story. Check back with KTBS as we work to provide more updates.) 


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