James Green

Councilman James Green speaks at a previous meeting.

SHREVEPORT, La. -- No conflict exits with the Shreveport Police Department and its investigation of a disturbance involving Councilman James Green so it can proceed as it chooses, Caddo District Attorney James Stewart said in a statement Tuesday afternoon.

The district attorney's office reviewed the matter at the request of the Shreveport Police Department. 

"SPD could do today what it could have done on the date of the incident, which was to make a decision regarding criminal charges based upon the evidence collected at the time," Stewart said. "We are in no way prohibiting them from doing such. Pastor Green’s status does not prevent SPD from going forward in this matter if it so chooses. The Special Assistant District Attorney at Shreveport City Court can assist SPD if there is any question as to whether to issue a summons or a warrant."

On June 2, Shreveport police responded to a complaint from Eye Care, Inc. concerning a person who reportedly entered the business without consent, refused to leave after being asked and caused a disturbance. That person was identified as Green.

An employee of the business told a Shreveport police sergeant that she was pushed aside without her consent as Green entered the business, with two eyewitnesses and four other witnesses who heard the commotion and saw portions of the incident.

No summons was issued or an arrest after the on-scene interviews were completed. The matter was referred to SPD's Investigations bureau for review. No new witnesses were interviewed except for the business owner, who was not present at the incident and thus was unable to provide any additional information.

"There is nothing is the law mandating that law enforcement obtain the permission of the district attorney to issue a summons or to make an arrest where evidence supports such action," Stewart said. "In fact, SPD issues summonses and makes arrests, even in homicide cases using the discretion given to them under the law, without consultation or review by the district attorney.

"After being told to only write a report and forward it to investigations, an officer at the scene is heard on car video stating that there was more than enough probable cause with multiple witnesses to support a criminal charge," Stewart said.


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