Mayor Adrian Perkins wearing mask

Mayor Adrian Perkins wearing mask. 

SHREVEPORT, La. – A district court judge on Monday sided with four businesses challenging the authority of Mayor Adrian Perkins to issue a face mask mandate.

District Judge Craig Marcotte granted the injunction sought by the owners of Strawn’s Eat Shop Too, Air U Shreveport, The Brain Train and Bearing Service & Supply.

“The conclusion is inescapable in that the emergency proclamation of the mayor was completely without authority and unconstitutional,” said Glenn Langley, the attorney representing the plaintiffs.

He said the mayor’s threats against noncomplying businesses that included shutting them down, turning off their water or taking away liquor permits has been ruled “unconstitutional and unenforceable.”

KTBS has not received a response from Perkins' office about the judge's ruling. 

Perkins issued his mandate July 8, but Marcotte stopped it on July 10 by granting a temporary restraining on behalf of the plaintiffs.

Other mask requirements have taken place since then, including one enacted by the Caddo Parish Commission in unincorporated areas of the parish, and a statewide mandate by Gov. John Bel Edwards that was effective July 13.

But even the governor’s mandate has come under fire by the state attorney general. The two state officials have issued dueling statements in recent days, with Attorney General Jeff Landry last week saying the governor’s face mask mandate is likely unconstitutional and unenforceable.

Edwards sent a letter to Landry Friday saying he was following recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the White House Coronavirus Task Force. Then Landry responded with another letter Monday. Both men stood their ground.

Most major retailers have since put face mask mandates in place for their businesses requiring customers to wear one while inside. Failure to comply and leave the property could result in the shopper being reported to law enforcement for trespassing. 


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