Alysian Fields - man on horse blocks road

MARSHALL, Texas - A father and journalist is asking the Harrison County sheriff's office to investigate a confrontation that occurred earlier this month.

James Ragland says while driving through Elysian Fields, Texas, the neighborhood where he grew up and a man on a horse intentionally blocked the road, making it clear to him he says that he didn't belong.

Ragland is no stranger to the area. He grew up there and graduated from Elysian Fields High School. He worked at the Dallas Morning News until April 2018 and at the Washington Post until 1993.

Ragland said he called the Harrison County Sheriff's Office on Aug. 4 to make them aware of what happened to him as he drove down Fort Evans Road. Ragland said he was with his son, 10, and his 12-year-old great nephew as he drove slowly telling stories of his childhood.

Ragland said he noticed three people on horseback and two of them moved to the side of the road. But one stopped right in front of his vehicle. He later found out the person on the horse was Grant Williams, who lives on the road.

Ragland said Williams made a comment about the rental car license plate being from California. And then said, "These are Texas roads."

Ragland said the kids were visibly shaken up and he drove off. But that wasn't the end of it.

Williams came after him again as he was leaving the area.

"We left about 6 p.m. from the place where I was on Floyd Evans Road and headed back west," Ragland said. "The gentleman was on the side of the road of his property, facing his property. He whipped his horse around and charged at my vehicle and tried to get in front of it. My son was in the passenger seat, and he was screaming."

Ragland said he's made several calls to the sheriff's office and felt they were dismissive of his complaint.

KTBS talked to Capt. Floyd Duncan, who didn't want to make an official comment, said Ragland has to come in person to make an official police report.

There's a law in Texas prohibiting a person blocking the road. Duncan said it is unlawful to block the road, but a deputy would have had to witness the road being blocked. 

Ragland's Facebook post has received more than 1,000 views and comments.

Ragland said he just wants to be assured by the sheriff's office that the matter has been addressed so that others don't experience what he and his son and nephew experienced.

Ragland has not yet filed an official police report, but has called the sheriff's office several times asking for them to investigate his concerns. He lives two hours away in Dallas and on Thursday, the sheriff’s office reportedly told him he would have to file a report in person.

The sheriff’s office says they won’t do anything until Ragland comes in to make a report.

They have talked to Williams, who denies anything happened.

KTBS contacted Williams' wife, who refused to give any comment on behalf of her family. She told me not to call back again before hanging up the phone.


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