Sammie and Ashley Vail

MARSHALL, Texas - Harrison County and federal agents seized over $150,000 in illegal steroids.

Sheriff's deputies were called to the 5800 block of Lansing Loop Road to shots fired Friday afternoon. Deputies say they were met with resistance and were told they couldn't come on the property. The deputies checked to see if anyone was injured and found a steroid manufacturing lab.

DEA agents responded along with two chemists. The DEA dissembled the lab and assured it was safe to handle. Agents also confiscated approximately 40 kilograms of pure steroid powder.

Sheriff's deputies seized approximately 5,000 vials of manufactured steroid liquid with a street value of approximately $150,000 along with a large selection of pills that were being manufactured. The entire laboratory, two cars, two motorcycles, multiple firearms, ammo and $13,533 in cash were also seized.

Two people were arrested. Sammie Vail was charged with possession of controlled substance, a first-degree felony, interfering with public duties, unlawfully carrying a weapon license holder and public intoxication. Ashley Vail was booked with possession of controlled substance, a first degree felony, interfering with public duties, resisting arrest search or transport and disorderly conduct. Both were taken to the Harrison County Jail in Marshall

Two other located in the home were interviewed and later released.


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