Images courtesy: San Augustine County Sheriff's Dept.

SAN AUGUSTINE, Texas — Law enforcement in East Texas are investigating after finding a large marijuana field located in San Augustine County.

The sheriff's office said the growing operation was located on National Forest land off of Forest Service Road (FSR) 303.

Sheriff Robert Cartwright said the marijuana grow site had been under investigation prior to the early morning raid on July 29.

Cartwright said a Drug Enforcement Administration Special Response Team went into the site before daylight last week to attempt to arrest two suspects who have been living at the grow site and taking care of the plants.

Cartwright said the men ran away into a thick wooded area. He said the search was abandoned Friday.

Officials inventoried items at the grow site, pulled up the marijuana plants and began cleaning up trash at the grow site.

Cartwright said officers pulled up 7,922 "rootballs" which can contained an average of three plants per rootball for an estimated total of more than 23,000 plants. The marijuana plants were airlifted out of the remote site by helicopter and taken to a secure area nearby where they were buried.


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