Neal McCoy

LONGVIEW, Texas — For the second time in two weeks, East Texas native and country music star Neal McCoy will be performing a live concert on his Facebook page.

Last week's concert proved a little music goes a long way, especially during these stressful times as the COVID-19 pandemic makes its way across the United States.

McCoy says he has had to cancel 13 live shows and misses personally interacting with fans. However, he's encouraged by the way people are coming together and he wants to do his part to make everyone smile.

"I want to encourage everybody," McCoy said in an interview with CBS19. "Everybody does it in their different ways. It is going to be OK. It's tough right now, but we're going to be OK. The president and all the powers that be, all the way down to little old Neal McCoy. I'm trying to do that by being on our Facebook page everyday, getting people to say the pledge with me and now, come to the concert tonight and I think I can put smiles on people's faces, at least for a little while, and let them forget about their troubles."

McCoy says he will hold a free concert for social media users on Friday at 6:30 p.m. through his Facebook page.

So whether you're in:

"Gary, Indiana; Mobile, Alabama; Phoenix, Arizona; Bismarck, North Dakota; New York; LA; Houston; Tampa Bay; London; Tokyo; Everywhere you go..." Tune in tonight! (If you didn't notice, those are lyrics from McCoy's hit song, "The Shake")


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