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MARSHALL, Tx - Law enforcement agencies in East Texas are cracking down on gang-related activity.

Smith County is trying to get money for a new anti-gang center in Tyler.

The center will serve 16 counties in East Texas, including Harrison.

Harrison County's Chief Deputy Brandon Fletcher says it's one big data-base system.

If someone is stopped or arrested and appears to be a part of a gang, such as having gang-related tattoos, their name and information will be put in the Texas Anti-Gang, or TAG, Center system. Fletcher says this way, law enforcement can exchange gang information among other agencies to better combat crime.

He says gang-related activity is not prevalent in Harrison County, but this system will help keep it that way.

"This has proved to be pretty effective," said Fletcher. “We don't necessarily here in Harrison county have tons of problems, but we do occasionally have some problems. This site does help put those people together."

Fletcher says this system will help fight crime rings that move from one place to another.

“Being able to take that one guy and say ‘Well he’s known to run with these three guys all the time. These are his main people.’ You can quickly link those guys to this guy, which may open up new evidence or put you on the path to who you’re looking for,” Fletcher explained.

This new center will add on to the six TAG centers in Texas. State officials are also trying to bring one to Waco.

Right now, Smith County uses the North Texas Anti-Gang Center in North Richland Hills.

That center was established in 2015, through grants from a state criminal justice division.


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