University Elementary

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SHREVEPORT, LA. - Teachers at University Elementary School in Shreveport are missing their students. They were prepared to have a teacher parade, saying hello from their vehicles while students waved from a distance.

But it had to be postponed.

Teachers were encouraging students and families to stay in their driveways, eight feet away from cars, neighbors and friends.

Principal Kasie Mainiero organized then cancelled the parade after she said she received input from the Shreveport Police Department. However, it was Superintendent Lamar Goree who made the decision to shut it down, believing it didn't set a good example in response to the governor's stay at home order and the cancellation of all school district activities.

As much as University teachers miss their students, they want to send a message to the kids about the importance of social distancing.

"It's not worth the safety of everybody and causing any problems. We want to encourage everyone to stay in and do what they’re supposed to do,” said Mainiero. “That was new in the past couple days, to really stay home unless it's essential travel. We are following those rules and we want our kids to do that, too."

Since UES couldn't host the parade, teachers are now sending encouraging video messages to their students.

Some say, “I want you to know I love and miss you!” And, “I hope everyone is having a great spring break, I love you all and can’t wait to see you!”

Students are expected to begin their at-home lessons beginning Monday. Mainiero said the school's feeding program will resume Monday with students picking up meals for the week. Staff will also begin doing Facebook Live bedtime stories on Monday starting at 7 p.m.


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