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MARSHALL, Texas. - In East Texas, some parents at Elysian Fields Middle School claim little to nothing is being done about bullying.

Roger and Milissa Penn say their daughter, Lauren, has been teased at school and they know it's happening to others.

They say the most recent incident happened at lunch Thursday when Lauren says she was called hurtful names.

Milissa Penn says she knows Elysian Fields recently lost a student to suicide, apparently because of bullying and she doesn't want it to happen to her daughter or anyone else.

She wants to make sure Lauren's voice doesn't get swept under the rug.

"I went through a lot when I was in school," Milissa Penn said. "So, to see my daughter to have to go through the same thing, it isn't a joke to me."

"How are we going to go pat these administrators and teachers and people that's been seeing this the whole time and tell them 'sorry for your loss'? when they've been watching this happen the whole time," said Roger Penn.

KTBS reached out to Elysian Fields ISD, the receptionist referred us to the school bullying policy on their website.

The policy states that the administration will investigate any allegations of bullying. If the allegation is true, disciplinary action will be taken. That could involve transferring the bully into a new classroom or campus.


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