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Former veterinarian technicians Hannah Thorn (left) and Alyssa Miller describe conditions they say existed at the clinic they worked at.

SHREVEPORT, La.-- First they posted on Facebook. Now some former employees of a Shreveport veterinary clinic are speaking out about what they call unsanitary and unsafe practices there.

Alyssa Miller says she took the pictures and videos that were posted during the five months she worked at The Dog & Cat Clinic on East Kings Highway. Video shows the process of cleaning needles. There's also a picture of a box of used plastic syringes that Miller and Hannah Thorn say were routinely cleaned and reused.

"I personally would not want my animals stuck with a reused needle that has been used on another dog that could have God knows what," Miller told KTBS.

Hannah Thorn, another former veterinary technician at the clinic, added, "You shouldn't reuse a syringe that has had vaccines or even another animal's blood in it. They would reuse syringes that we would draw blood for -- blood work, heartworm tests, things like that. Even if they were cleaned, we should never use that again."

Thorn says she quit after six days earlier this month. Asked when she realized she objected to the situation, Thorn said, "Day one. At the end of day one. By the morning of day two I was putting in applications for other places. I knew I couldn't stay there and not lose my mind with guilt."

Thorn says she came into the clinic with six years experience as a vet tech and has a new job with another veterinarian.

Miller says she was suddenly fired in January after being written up for not grooming a dog to the liking of clinic owner, Dr. Valri Brown.

Miller says another problem at the clinic was animal feces and urine falling out of kennels and into a cracked floor, which she says was impossible to clean, especially with a lack of cleaning supplies.

"You've got vomit. You've got urine. You've got number two, you've got diarrhea, without gloves that you're trying to clean with a little paper towel. And it could have blood on it," she says of the messes.

"I was always trying to mop or clean those floors. And I would always use an ungodly amount of cleaner in the mop bucket because it smelled so bad," Miller continued.

The clinic's attorney, Charles Neupert, wrote in a letter to KTBS 3 News, "Dr. Brown intends to hold any and all parties who proceed to disseminate these false, misleading, and defamatory statements about her and her clinic legally liable for any and all damages she suffers."

Meantime, Jared Granier, executive director of the Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine, said they have recently received complaints about the clinic that are investigating.

A check of the Better Business Bureau shows no customer complaints against the clinic.


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