SHREVEPORT, La. - The company Aethon started a project on Overton Brooks Road and it's giving some neighbors quite an earful.

Some people are actually getting paid for the nuisance. Some neighbors say the were offered an inconvenience fee from Aethon. They wouldn't disclose how much, but say this was offered so they won't file a complaint about noise, which is a part of the reason why the parish nor sheriff's office received any complaints.

Aethon is doing what you would call fracking. It's a very loud process of extracting natural gas from the ground.

Other neighbors KTBS talked to say they were not compensated for the noise, but they tell us it doesn't bother them.

"At night it can get kind of loud, but we don't hear it really in the house," said Melissa Whitehurst, who live across the street for the site. "It might just be like a low hum, but it doesn't affect anything that we do. We can only hear parts of it out front, but in the back yard we don't hear it at all."

"It's not a big issue, no," said Seth Whitehurst, "Just kind of disturbs the peace a little bit with trucks going up and down. I think that's the biggest issue, the trucks, that's it."

Caddo Parish does have a noise ordinance concerning fracturing noises. It says that during the day the noise shouldn't be more than ten decibels and at night it should be less than five decibels.

We've also reached out to officials in the parish.

They say if you have a noise complaint, contact them or the sheriff's office.


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