Cellphone tower

A new 5G tower still partially wrapped rises above the intersection of Gilbert and Boulevard Street in Shreveport's Highland area.

Get ready for 5G, Shreveport.

You may have noticed small black towers popping up around town. So far there are 20 of them. For now they're functioning as small cell phone towers to improve coverage in problem areas.

But in the near future they'll mean the fastest wireless internet.

"5G is going to give us incredible speeds.Low latency, which means its better, faster, stronger without a lot of wires to your house required," says City of Shreveport Chief Technology Officer Keith Hanson.

Internet service providers are investing millions of dollars just in underground fiber optic cable in Shreveport.

"IPhones, Android devices, they'll all suport 5G in the next couple of years. Then once all that hardware kind of enters the market that's when AT&T is going to flip a switch and all of those cell towers, or the small cell towers will turn into 5G towers," Hanson says.

Mayor Adrian Perkins posted on Facebook that this is "the first major step toward a smarter Shreveport."

Hanson says the city his written guidelines for companies to follow from an aesthetic standpoint.

"It's much better to have it on a pole with omnidirectional signal strength. But when they can, and when it's not to burdensome for the service providers, we've asked them to co-locate as often as possible."

It's not known how many towers will eventually go up.


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