Gender reveal blast

Drone video shows the gender reveal Tannerite blast at a home in Benton Tuesday evening.  The blast shook some homes and ended up being the subject of a Facebook post by those wondering what they had heard and felt. 

BENTON, La. -  A gender reveal party east of Benton Tuesday night caused quite a stir on social media, with members of the "Benton LA Town Happenings" Facebook page inquiring about a potential explosion. 

"Did anyone feel an explosion out around Cypress Lake?" inquired one member of the page. 

Many people responded that they either did hear a blast or felt it. 

That "blast" turned out to be Tannerite from a gender reveal party along Buffalo Road. 

Soon-to-be mom Kayleigh Morgan responded by saying, "Sorry y'all. We had a gender reveal with some Tannerite." 

Tannerite is an over-the-counter explosive that detonates when hit by a firearm projectile. 

A pink explosion indicated a girl is on the way. 

Morgan said Wednesday she and her fiance' Jadden White are due to have the baby girl in December. They are getting married in June. 


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