Katie Bug

BENTON, La. - Louisiana drivers involved in a serious injury crash will now have to take a drug test.

Governor John Bel Edwards made that change official this afternoon in Benton by signing Katie Bug's Baw.

On November 19th Shane DeMoss ran a red light and crashed into Katie Grantham and her mom Morgan.

Katie died a week later.

DeMoss wasn't tested for drugs or alcohol after the crash.

He wasn't speeding.

But, he admitted to running the red light.

He was sentenced to just 10 days in jail.

Since the wreck, Morgan and her husband have been working with local lawmakers to make changes to what happens to drivers involved in serious injury crashes.

Morgan and Kirk Grantham said they're glad they went through this process.

They said Katie Bug's Law fixes a loophole that impacted a lot of families.

Senator Ryan Gatti helped the parents make the change.

He sponsored the bill SB 138 known as Katie Bug's Law.

“This doesn’t close the book on this issue, but it lets them move to the next chapter. The passing of this law is going to help other families to get justice. One of the hardest things this family has to go through was while they were grieving, they had to deal with injustice, and there’s really nothing we can do in the legislature to fix that. But, we’re glad we can have this day today, to sign this bill and to move the ball forward,” said Senator Gatti.

The Granthams thanked him and Governor John Bel Edwards for their help.

Governor Edwards in return thanked the parents for their strength and perseverance.

“The love a parent has for a child is so strong and will motivate people to do tremendous things and that’s what we saw here especially considering Morgan didn’t really know a whole lot about the law to begin with, this wasn’t something that she had ever really done before. But she was excellent on that. She worked extremely hard. She was faithful to the cause and made multiple trips down to Baton Rouge. And, so I think she serves as an example for other people to be involved,” said Edwards.

He added this change makes things better for everyone in Louisiana.

When Edwards signed the law the room full of people clapped.

More than half of the crowd wore purple and gold superhero logo shirts with a big K on them.

The Granthams said it was humbling to see so many people supporting them.

Morgan often shares messages about Katie through a Facebook page.

On it she talks about the bond Katie had with her little brother Gavin.

"When he is able to understand it and when he is able to understand what exactly transpired and you know what pieces of it failed for his sister, they won't fail for him because of what we've done. And, so we've always tried to make very conscious decisions and such that whatever we do, we do something that he can be proud of you know as he grows into his grief just like we do," said Morgan.

Morgan's youngest son never met Katie.

She said her family will always grieve the loss of their little girl.

Morgan and Kirk have several ideas for more ways to honor Katie, but they’re not ready to share them yet.


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