SHREVEPORT, La - Beauty salons can reopen on Friday, but some beauticians said they have some concerns. 

Some beauticians said their requirement to put in writing whether an employee or customer has ever contracted COVID-19. They said it borders an invasion of privacy. 

Terri Pugh, owner of Setting The Standard Barbering and Natural Hair Salon on Jewella Avenue, said it seems a bit unfair to ask these questions of her customers.

"You wouldn't go asking the client if they had HIV," Pugh said. "You know, if you cut yourself. You just take the necessary precautions."

Marquita Jackson, owner of Gracious Reflections Natural Hair Care Salon on Mansfield Road, said the 25% guideline is hurting the bottom line. 

"As far as the safety of the client, I'm going to fulfill that. However, I still have living expenses as well as business expenses," Jackson said.

Both beauticians said the business model for styling and caring for multiple clients at a time will cease for now. But they say ultimately it will determine whether they can remain in business for long term. 


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