The LHSAA held it's summer meeting Wednesday, discussing possible changes to the 2020 high school football season.

According to the Advocate in Baton Rouge, executive director Eddie Bonine shut down a plan to flip football season to spring and move baseball to fall.

With football still on the schedule for fall, the next roadblock will be Louisiana moving to Phase 3 of reopening.  KTBS Sports reached out to multiple local coaches and they say if the state stays in Phase 2 after 28 days, the football season as we know it will be changed.  Under Phase 2, teams can not hold proper practices, which would push the schedule back by at least a month.  If those games are missed, they will not be made up.  One local coach told us teams are eyeing the possibility of playing just six to eight games in the regular season.

To help prevent this, Bonine is urging athletes and coaches of member schools to follow the protocols set in Phase 2 and even Phase 1 to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and move the state into Phase 3.

Stick with KTBS Sports for the latest on the upcoming football season.


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