Ryker Kneipp

SHREVEPORT, La. – Every day more coronavirus test results come pouring in, but one Shreveport family is in limbo they've been waiting eight days for their son's test results.

Erin Kneipp’s three-year-old son Ryker started running a fever on March 15. The next day, Ryker had a 102 fever and was tired.

Ryker was tested for flu, strep, RSV and had a viral respiratory panel done. All tests came back negative. Ryker was then tested for coronavirus, and eight days have gone by since then.

Kneipp said she and her husband were tested for Covid-19 Tuesday and got negative results back in a day.

"At this point it kind of is what it is. I mean it does suck because we want to know what exactly he has. We've kind of been advised to quarantine until we get the results, so, we're just kind of stuck. You know, we can't go to the grocery store or anything, we just kind of have to sit here and wait," said Kneipp.

Alex Anderson is good friends with the Kneipps. Anderson and his fiancé, Kim, spent time with Ryker about two weeks ago. A few days later the child started showing symptoms. Anderson has been in self isolation waiting for Ryker’s results as well.

"It's certainly a scary time, and it's something that I think people don't realize that this is happening here, it's not a story that's happening across the country, or across the world. This is happening to families right here and I'm certain they're not the only ones," said Anderson.

Dr. Martha Whyte with the state health department said both state and private lab tests are backlogged.

Ryker is still dealing with a fever and cough and his parents are dealing with symptoms as well even though they tested negative for covid-19. Anderson and his fiancé have not had symptoms, but are taking their temperatures often.


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