Terrace Marshall Jr. and Justin Rogers were just kicking off spring ball, preparing for what promises to be exciting seasons for both of the former Parkway Panthers.  That was of course until the outbreak of COVID-19 put a stop to those practices and the rest of the sports world.


Terrace Marshall Jr. celebrates a touchdown in the SEC Championship

Marshall says he and Rogers are settling in to their new routine working out in their hometown of Bossier City, "We're kind of getting used to this quarantine thing, just doing all we can for ourselves.  Staying in shape and working out.  That's basically all we've been doing because we can't do nothing else."

Rogers is no stranger to setbacks on the gridiron and is using the same approach that has helped him recover form a devastating leg injury suffered during his senior year in high school, "If we have to go to practice tomorrow, will I be ready?  That's kind of the way I think about it and approach it.  I think there's always thinking of staying ready so you don't have to get ready.  That's kind of the only thing I can say that's helped me through this process."

Just like the old days in the red and black, Marshall and Rogers are staying ready together, "God has a purpose in everything he does.  I always think there's beauty behind the storm.  Being able to work out with my guy back home and be with my family.  There's always a good part in every bad situation," said Rogers.

Marshall is happy to be catching passes from his high school quarterback, "I haven't seen him in a long time.  Just like he said, it's good to come back home and be with our families to make sure everything is good.  And make sure our mamma's are happy."


This upcoming season Rogers will battle for the starting job at  his new home UNLV, while Marshall is expecting an even bigger role in LSU's national title defense.  Those goals are serving as the light at the end of the tunnel for the boys from Bossier, "I'm definitely excited.  Everybody around the team is excited.  We've got a new stadium, new facility, coaching staff.  There's a lot to be excited about.  Even with this situation I'm looking forward to the season and being able to play whenever that time comes," said Rogers

As they continue their workouts at home, Rogers and Marshall want to encourage everyone to stay inside and do their part to help life return to normal, and of course to help see them return to the field, "When you're making a decision, think of more than just yourself.  Think of how many people are impacted by washing your hands and keeping your distance from people in certain situations.  Take into account that your decisions affect a lot more than just yourself," explained Rogers.

"Everybody just obey the law, do what they've got to do so this thing can end and we can get back to our normal lives and doing what we do best.  Working, follow our dreams, everything we do in every day life.  I feel like everybody should just do what's required and what's right so we can get back rolling," added Marshall.


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