Historic Texarkana house being prepared for demolition

TEXARKANA, Ark. - A historic two-story home in Texarkana, Arkansas is set for demolition.

While some people in the community are upset by the decision, the owners believe tearing it down will be their best option.

The Claude Foulke house, also known as the Joe B. Wilson house, was built on Pecan Street in 1903.

The current owner, Beech Street Baptist Church, held an estate sale to prepare the house for demolition.

Church Pastor Craig Jenkins said the demolition plans are part of a year long feasibility study.

He said the house does not fit into their ministry plans.

Jenkins also believes moving the house would be too difficult.

City Manager Kenny Haskins said the church notified them of their plans several months ago, but he said they don't have to have the city's permission to tear down the structure.

Texarkana Museum System President Velvet Cool believes the century old structure is a vital part of Texarkana's history.

"There's still a lot inside that is very salvageable in my opinion, and I think it deserves the opportunity for the community to try and salvage it," explained Cool.

The Foulke house was placed on the National Historic Registry in 1982.

The church acquired the property in the late 1990s.

A date for demolition has not been set.

Jenkins said they do not have any immediate plans for the property.


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