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BOSSIER CITY, La. - Investigators were back on scene on Friday after a house in Bossier City caught fire and injured a newlywed couple on Tuesday.

Oschner LSU hospital officials say that Kevin Bokun is in stable condition and, his wife, Medley's condition is critical.

According to the Kevin and Medley's Road to Recovery Facebook page, earlier on Friday, Medley was in desperate need of a blood transfusion because her platelet count was low.

She now has enough platelets and as of 4:30 pm she had just wrapped up her second surgery.

According to a GoFundMe account made for the couple, Kevin sustained second and third degree burns to his upper part of his body. Medley had second and third degree burns on 95 percent of her body and she's looking at 15 to 20 surgeries and three months of hospital care.

The couple just got married a little over three weeks ago and recently moved into their home in Bossier City.

Neighbors tell KTBS they just had their gas turned on the day of the explosion and some believe that might have played a role.

Investigators were on scene Friday to secure the house, so no one can tamper with evidence and so weather can't affect it either. They also used a 3-D scanner to get images of the house to investigate when they're not on scene.

Neighbors say the explosion was a frightening situation.

"She said that she heard a loud boom and when she looked out the window that house was engulfed in flames," said Carson Boudreau, referring to what his mom told him. "It was really like scary and like eye-opening because you never know like. Stuff like that can happen out of no where. There's no preparing for it."

"Concerned. Always concerned," said Greg Peterson. "It's your neighborhood. You don't want the fire to spread to anyone else's house or anything of that nature. Concerned that there may have been somebody else inside. We didn't know these people. They had just moved in recently to my understanding."


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