bossier animal shelter letter

After watching KTBS' story about accusations from a former volunteer of inhumane euthanasia practices at Bossier City Animal Control, Mayor Lo Walker personally investigated the shelter, along with Bossier Police Department.

"I can live with admitting we have a problem and have done this stuff, what I can't live with is covering it up, so I said, 'if we have been doing any of this stuff, I need to know,'" Walker said of his conversations with shelter employees.

A letter from shelter supervisor Dale Keeler, written in early May, stated that use of all intracardiac heart sticks were to "cease" as of May 8 "until" a technician was properly trained in sedation. It is illegal under Louisiana law to euthanize an animal using a heart stick unless the animal is unconscious and numb to pain.

When asked if the wording of the letter made it seem like there was no trained technician at the shelter, the mayor said, "Well, it certainly seems that way. But I met with the two people that do it and I asked about the licensing and certifications and I was assured that it was on file and available for anyone to look at. I was informed that both are completely certified and know exactly what must be done in to have a humane euthanasia process for the animals."

Walker said after his investigation, he was convinced something happened but that he found no actual evidence of wrongdoing.

"Well I was told that we were not doing these things ... but, I think there's enough circumstantial evidence and emails and things that some of these allegations did in fact occur at some point in time," he said.

Walker ordered a halt on all euthanasia at the shelter but has since reinstated it in "appropriate" situations.

The investigation is not over and if Mayor Walker finds any one is guilty of wrongdoing, he said he will take swift action.

"I'm firing anybody that's lying ... I don't care who they are, or how long they've been there."


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