Devin and Tre

Fans in Tampa Bay and Buffalo are learning something we here in the 318 have known for a long time, Devin White and Tre'Davious White are special football players.

With these former Friday Football Fever stars leading their defenses, both the Bucs and Bills are just one game away from a Super Bowl, "The job is still not finished yet. It was never about just finishing with beating the Saints. It's always been about getting to the bigger goal," said Devin.

"This is the game that we have to win to get to the Super Bowl, so we're not going to look ahead and try to see the what if game and things like that. We just got to handle our business on Sunday and I feel with the way that our guys prepare, we'll be fine," explained Tre'Davious.

Tre'Davious was drafted in the first round back in 2017, while Devin is in his second year as a pro. Both men say the struggles of their rookie seasons helped mold them and their teams into championship contenders, "It's a hard league. I went from not being in the playoffs last year to going to the NFC Championship. What a difference a year makes."

"That was the building block to changing over and transforming this thing. Going through times like that in the first year and as years went on, we continued to go through things, but that's what it's all about too. In building a championship program, you have to go through times like that to get to where we are at now."

The decision to play this season wasn't always easy for Tre'Davious, who at one time considered opting out because of the pandemic, "The way I was raised, just the man my family and the people that I love molded, I was always taught to make a decision to stand on it. If I was to choose to not play, I was going to be fine regardless. I was going to chill on my teammates and the Buffalo Bills regardless. The decision that I made, if I was to go the other way, I feel like it was for my family which is more important than any game or anything."

Devin had his own run in with COVID 19 at the end of the regular season. It's something that he says makes him cherish his chance at a championship even more, "It was so hard through COVID because I enjoy going to work. This is what I do. This is what I always wanted to be growing up, and NFL football player. Now that I've got it, I'm never going to take that for granted.

Whether it's in Independence Stadium, Tiger Stadium, or the NFL, Devin and Tre'Davious usually find ways to impact a game. Expect nothing different on football's biggest stage.


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