Shreveport drivers in snow

Drivers in downtown Shreveport navigate through snowy and wet conditions on Sunday, Jan. 10, 2021.

SHREVEPORT, La. -- Most of the snow in the Ark-La-Tex will taper off early Monday morning, but it'll take some time for the road condition to improve. Driving instructor Bud Chauncy spoke with KTBS 3 before the storm rolled in to offer some reminders for drivers.

If you can, Chauncy says the best option is to stay home. But if you have to go out, clean off all of your windows and lights, especially your tail lights. If you feel your vehicle start to skid, resist the urge to use your brakes and steer in the direction you want to go.

Chauncy also recommends increasing your following distance between cars. On a good day, he uses the "three second rule," but in bad weather it should be nine seconds.

"A lot of folks think that's a lot of space," said Chauncy, the co-owner of First Class Driving School in Bossier City. "But it's not a lot of space if the guy out in front of you spins out and you're about to T-bone them at whatever speed you're doing."

With sub-freezing temperatures expected overnight, drivers should be aware of ice, particularly black ice which can be impossible to see. Chauncy says, if you know where puddles usually form in the road during rain, those are the same areas where ice will form when things freeze.

"You have to change your driving behaviors to this weather or you'll be another statistic," said Chauncy, who is also the president of the Driving School Association of Louisiana. "That's the problem, people try to drive the same way, too much speed, too close and then you're in trouble."

One final reminder, cut the posted speed limit in half. When conditions are less than ideal, going the speed limit is against the law, according to Chauncy.