Rodarius "Lee Lee" Williams has NFL pedigree and he's using his brother Greedy as a resource from when he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns.

"We talk everyday. He tells me about this process. Obviously it's different from virtual now. When he was coming through the process it was more hands on, but he'll definitely tell me take advantage of the Zoom meetings, learn the most I can within the Zoom meetings that I'm having with NFL teams and just stay on top of everything. Stay on time."

The former Oklahoma State defensive back is set to join several players from the 318 to make it to the NFL giving Williams even more motivation.

"It's been real great at far as L'Jarius Sneed man, and Devin White, my brother, Tre'Davious White, we got a long list of guys that come from Louisiana that's in the league currently playing right now and just following their lead man and being one of the guys that can say I made it from Louisiana alongside those great names, just a humbling moment."

"Lee Lee" honed his skills at Calvary and says part of his focus now is seeing the next generation do the same.

"It's real important man to be able to come back and put hands on the community that we come from. We all know that we come from poverty, crime, a lot of violence going on in the community, just come back and show these guys that if there's a will, there's a way. You don't have to choose the negative route, the negative road. It's great over here so if I did it, you can do it."

His pro career is moments away from getting started and Williams is letting destiny take over from where he'll get to play.

"Yeah, it's here. It's no time to look back and congratulate myself. I ain't made it nowhere yet, but I am thankful for this position. I'm grateful and just happy to be in this position I'm in and it's in God's hands right now. I did all I could do. *laughing*

The KTBS Sports NFL Draft Coverage rolls on Wednesday as we put the spotlight on two Shreveport natives hoping to hear their names called this weekend.

Wednesday: Robert Rochell (UCA/Fair Park DB) and Ar'Darius Washington (TCU/Evangel DB)

Thursday: Terrace Marshall (LSU/Parkway WR)


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