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Professional basketball is back in Shreveport as the Shreveport Mavericks have released their 2021 schedule.

The team, now a member of The Basketball League, held its Media Day Monday, allowing local media its first opportunity to meet the new-look Mavericks.

As a member of the ABA, the franchise never lost a game in Shreveport on their way to back-to-back national championships.  Long-time head coach Steve Tucker still expects his team to compete for a championship, but warns there may be a few more bumps in the road this time around, "The Mavericks of old were a battle-tested, championship team when we were in Shreveport. This is a very young team. We've got a lot of rookies on this team, more than half our roster is rookies. I'm not comfortable with that but we are very, very talented. I encourage the fans to be patient with us because I think we will get there and we'll be the Mavericks of old somewhere down the line."

The Mavs will begin their first season in The Basketball League on the road in Little Rock Friday.  The entire 2021 schedule follows.


Fri-9: Little Rock Lightning 7:00PM Away

Sat-10: Dallas Skyline 7:00PM Away

Fri-16: Dallas Skyline 7:05PM Home (LSUS Gym)

Sun-18: Omaha’s Finest 3:30PM Home (LSUS Gym)

Sat-24: Lewisville Leopards 7:00PM Away

Sun-25: Little Rock Lightning 3:30PM Home (LSUS Gym)

Fri-30: Lewisville Leopards 7:05PM Home (Captain Shreve High School


Sun-2: Houston Push 3:30PM Home (Captain Shreve High School)

Fri-7: Waco Royals 7:30PM Away

Sun-9: Lewisville Leopards TBA Away

Fri-14: Midtown Prestige 7:05PM Home (Captain Shreve High School)

Sat-15: Waco Royal 7:05PM Home (Captain Shreve High School)

Sat-22: Enid Outlaws 7:00PM Away

Sun-23: Houston Push 3:30PM Home (Centenary Gold Dome)

Fri-28: Dallas Skyline 7:05PM Home (Centenary Gold Dome)

Sun-30: Lewisville Leopards 3:30PM Home (Centenary Gold Dome)


Fri-4: Houston Push 7:00PM Away

Sun-6: Dallas Skyline TBA Away

Fri-11: Omaha’s Finest 7:00PM Away

Sun-13: Houston Push TBA Away

Fri-18: Enid Outlaws 7:05PM Home (Centenary Gold Dome)

Sat-19: Waco Royals 7:05PM Home (Centenary Gold Dome)

Fri-25: Waco Royals 7:00PM Away

Sun-27: Midtown Prestige TBA Away


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