sign of the thymes

An Arizona restaurant wants all of its customers to feel comfortable by having all employees learn sign language.

At the end of a long day -- Ann Colston and her husband Chris wanted to create a cozy space for people to wind down with a glass of wine.

 Their new restaurant -- Sign of the Thymes -- in Old Towne Glendale is more than spirits, flat breads and bruschettas but an idea that poured into a passion, a sign language friendly-restaurant.

A. Colston says: "My husband who's sister is deaf, and so my husband has been signing since he was six years old, and so we started putting some things together and talking about opening up a restaurant where deaf people can have a place to come and feel comfortable placing an order like everybody else. "

Sign of the Thymes opened its doors about five months ago and ann says, so far, business has been good.

Customers seem to love the restaurant's intimate, relaxed vibe.

C. Colston says: "We had a deaf family in recently, and oh my goodness they -- they you know, and they go to places where there's hearing people, and they don't really know sign cause they feel like, you know, hearing people don't know sign language. So when they walked in, they're asking me for a menu the basic way, and i started signing to them, and they were, you know, shocked."

Behind the restaurant's name, a bigger message.

A. Colston says: "The deaf community that they're just really misunderstood. Um, you know, everyone treats them as if they're handicapped, and the truth is they're really not."

 Ann also says, soon the entire sign of the thymes' staff will be trained in sign language.

 That way all customers hearing impaired or not feel welcome.


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