The City of Shreveport rolled out the red carpet for one of it's greatest athletes of all time, Terry Bradshaw, presenting the Hall of Fame quarterback with a key to the city.

The former Woodlawn, Louisiana Tech quarterback was blown away by the presentation, "This is the only key I care about. To visit anywhere else and get a key, you'll tell them what a great honor it is. It really isn't. You really don't care. It doesn't mean anything to you. They do it just to get publicity. This key means something to me. I'm not a man that likes to look back, but I do love Woodlawn. I love this city, I always have. I love this stadium. This is where it all started for me."

Joining Bradshaw and his family in Independence Stadium, his former teammates and coaches from both Woodlawn and Louisiana Tech. Bradshaw threw a lot of touchdown passes on that field, but it's his first as a Knight that will always stand out the most, 

"I was looking left and, with great discipline, I let the ball slip out of my hand. It went to the right and hit Tom Hagan for a 76 yard touchdown pass right down this sideline. It was my first touchdown pass in high school, I'll never forget it. It was an accident. I wasn't supposed to throw it. Lee told me not to pass the football, but the situation called for a pass. I normally am coachable, but I wasn't then. I couldn't wait to throw that sucker."

While that touchdown pass was just the beginning of his legendary football career, Bradshaw's most recent trip to Shreveport provided memories of the times before he was a star quarterback, "I grew up lower-middle class income. I'm going to see my house when I leave here, maybe 800 square feet, maybe. I was poor, hard working, but I think as a young child I always wanted to make something of my life."

It's a story Bradshaw believes can inspire kids in Shreveport that are growing up under similar circumstances, "I'm successful because I worked and I believe in myself. Even though I couldn't beat out Trey Prather and I sat on the bench for two years. I wasn't ready to play anyways. Even though I sat on the bench at Louisiana Tech behind Phil Robertson, it never kept me from working, believing, maybe hoping I got a shot. It starts with you and what do you want out of your life."

With this presentation providing Bradshaw with the rare opportunity to look back, his eyes are often fixed on the future and what he can do to continue to long legacy of successful athletes from Shreveport, "I gave all my stuff to Louisiana Tech, rings, Super Bowl rings. The only reason I did that was so you can go into Louisiana Tech, you can see all that, and you can think if it happened to him, it can happen to me. It's just up to you."


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